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Results of AV Retriever Open trial

We held our Open AV Retriever Field Trial today (1st Dec) at Inpark Farm, Dorchester by invitation of Mr Robert & Mrs Nicky Atkinson.

A cold but dry day, we started with driven wild duck and ended with pheasants as we walked-up in roots.

The Guns, Howard Feltham, Paddy Williams, Tom Sheppard, Tim Lester, Keith Manley & Antony Lynn shot fabulously giving our judges Judy Rainey, Jill Gardner, Sara Chichester & Judith Evans some challenging ground and retrieves to work with.

My thanks go to them all.

Thanks also go to the helpers, Jackie Davis, Laurie Pittaway, Jos Evans & Steve Langdon.

We were sponsored by Gamekeepers Goods and Skinners with prizes going to the first 3 in the awards.


1st & the Catcombe Carli trophy to Sue Jordan with Tullysedge Inca Gold, G Ret B making her up to FtCh (Subject to KC confirmation)

2nd - Simon Hansell with Jobeshill Barbuda of Rimrock, Lab B

3rd - Adrian Moodie with Bellaroyal Class Act, Lab D

Com - Francesca Prentice with Idawood Heather, Lab B

Com - Sharon Dingle with Bellspaddle Jock, Lab D

Com - Angie Townsend with Beggarbush Wilderness to Elmertown, Lab B

Keepers choice & The Chris Damon Trophy to Sue Jordan

Guns choice & the Milheath Trophy to Adrian Moodie



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