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If you have any questions or queries, Please get in touch with one of the Committee via the links below. We are always open to hearing from you whether it is membership queries, volunteering to help at events, or feedback about our tests and trials. 

The Committee


Howard Feltham

T: 07968 882302

E: Chairman


Jane Rasch 

T: 07973 618285

E: treasurer

Spaniel Working Test Sec

Howard Feltham  

T: 07968 882302

E: SpanielWTSec

Spaniel Field Trial Sec

Tom Sheppard 

T: 07778 408293

E: SpanielFTSec

Spaniel Training Lead

Steve Langdon 

T: 07977 594449

E: SpanielTrain


Position vacant


E: Secretary WWGS

Membership Secretary

Mandy O’Hare

T: 07789 544498

E: members

Retriever Working Test Sec

Nikki Urquhart

T: 07801 719127

E: Retriever WT Secretary

Retriever Field Trial Sec



Retriever Training Lead

Christine Collins  

T: 07747 837705

E: RetrieverTrain

Committee Members:

  • Paul Urquhart

  • Nikki Urquhart

  • Kim Barnes

  • Mike Veasey (Co-opted)

  • Damien Fitchett (Co-opted)

  • Karen Fleet (Co-opted)

  • Briony Tarlton (Co-opted)

  • Philippa Vallely (Co-opted)

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