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Results of AV Retriever Novice Trial

We held our Novice AV Retriever Field Trial today (5th Dec) at Great Durnford, Wiltshire by permission of the Great Durnford Estate & by invitation of the Keeper, Tom Paul.

A day of driven birds on some wonderful ground, shot fabulously by

The Guns, Steven Bartlett, Stephen Langdon, Richard Potter,Richard Harwood, Edward Parsons, Jay Lister, Hugh Morrison & Philip Sawkill.

We lost a number of dogs before the end of the first round but our judges Jamie Bettinson, Jason Mayhew, Charlotte Wilkinson & Beth Payne were able to make the most of the game for the remaining dogs.

My thanks go to them all.

Thanks also go to the helpers, Judy Venables, Adella Jackson, Mike Brown, Mike Veasey, Lee Dunn, Howard Feltham, Jos Evans & to Laura Barclay for picking up.

We were sponsored by Gamekeepers Goods and Skinners with prizes going to the first 3 in the awards.


1st & the Ticefield Trophy to Roger Wade with Lab D, Klato Jackdaw of Wadeshot

2nd & the Melbury award for guns choice to Joy Venturi Rose with Lab B Leospring Tiffin

Com - Martin Bagg with Lab D, Packmores Tamar



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