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Result of our one day open AV Retriever Trial

We ended our Trialling season with the Av Retriever Open at Bake Barn, by kind permission of Lord Margadale and by invitation of the Keeper, Mick Lewis. A day of mixed emotions as this was our last Trial on this wonderful ground where we have had the privilege of running our dogs for 20+ years. The Wiltshire Working Gundog Society presented Mick & Sharon with a thank you gift on behalf of the present and past Committee & members for their support over the years.

We were delighted to be joined for the award giving by Lord Margadale and our Patron, the Honourable Dame Mary Morrison. The ground at Bake Barn isn’t easy going with brambles to die for (if you like that sort of thing ) and walking through woodland which lends itself to a wonderful natural Trial which presented challenging pheasant and woodcock for the super team of guns we had.

Sadly our usual team of spaniel handlers weren’t available to support us this year however, with some extra beaters to support the line our judges , Heather Bradley, Barbara Kuen, Dave England & Ken Green did a marvellous job securing the following results:

  • 1st Place- Nigel Probert with Lab D FTCH Drakeshead Drew of Llangynidr winning the Catcombe Carli Trophy, the Milheath Trophy for Gun’s choice and the Chris Damon Trophy for Keeper’s choice.

  • CoM - John Keegan with Lab D Geordieland Wolfe

Our Congratulations to you both.

Thank you to some fantastic helpers:

  • Nikki Urquart and Jackie Davis as Judge’s Stewards/beaters

  • Jos and Steve as bird carriers

  • Mike for intermittent Red flag/bird carrier/beater

  • Lucy Arnold for picking up

  • Beth Payne for her support as one of our sponsors (Skinners) & as a friend to us all!

  • Thank you also to Gamekeepers Goods for sponsoring us with personalised Judge’s gifts and gifts to the Gun’s & Keeper’s choice.

  • Thanks to Tim @ FTMS and a final thank you to all the members who have supported the Club at this special event over the years



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