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Results of AV Spaniel Open Trial

Our first trial of the season took place at Upton Pyne on Thursday 16th November 2023. Another very good trial was provided by Paul Bowyer; every single dog had the chance to show themselves off to the 4 judges - Mark Whitehouse, Alice Wise, Ian Flint and Ray Titchener. No shortage of game and great woodland cover for the dogs to work.

The awards

1st & the best hunting hunting spaniel cup - Ess B, Herminey Hope of Aberwysg, Megan Jones

2nd Ess D, Dashbrook Typhoon, Steve Bolton

3rd Ess B, Shellspoon Numero uno of Cinderash, Oliver Organ

4th & Guns choice Ess D, Whiznic Weetabix, Paul Thomas

Certificate of Merits

Ess D, Syncerus Saxon of Flintwood, John Cook

Ess B, Hollydrive Nina of Holwinryston, Mike Hoskins



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