Wiltshire Working Gundog Cold Game Test September 18

Thank you to our hosts Mr and Mrs Tom Sheppard, and to our Judges Jeff Rayner, Ray Titchner and Shane Leigh for making our Novice Cold Game Test a great success. Particular thanks must go to our dedicated team of helpers and everyone who entered .

We had lots of entries and a great day was had by all, with fine weather.  


The results are as follows:


1st M.Gibson with Steelhouse crack of Thunder

2nd P. Willis. with Meadowchase Gladys

3rd M. Gibson with Steelhouse Eleri Mountain mist

4th B Smith with Angels Grace of Trenode

COM P Willis with Penwillis Molly of Keldeb

COM A. Portman with Beggarbush Indiana

COM T Pascoe with Helghyer Tegan

COM K. Barnes with Mooncourt Black Valllis


The WWGS “ Chars Challenge Trophy” for the most improved dog attending club training went to:

J. Redding with Beanhill Valtra.


I hope you all enjoyed the day and we will see you at our Spring Test next April.  Have a good season. To see all of the pictures taken please visit our Facebook page.