Spaniel Tests



Test: AV Spaniel Novice Cold Game Test

Date:  Sunday 26th September 2021

Location: Nutty Coppice Farm

Judges: Tom Sheppard, Grant Branton and Geoff Shore

Start time : 9.30am – 10 am

How to enter?


Please fill in our online interactive application form and attach your cheque which must be sent direct to our Test Secretary. Cheques should be made payable to Wiltshire Working Gundog Society and a separate cheque given for each dog entered.

The running order will be confirmed by email, unless you wish it to be sent by post.  If you would rather be notified by post, please provide a self-addressed envelope.

Conditions of Entry

Please read through our Risk Assessment which applies to all organisers and participants of our events

  • The code of conduct expected at Gundog Working Tests is the same as that for Field Trials
  • All competitors should be ready by 9 am for 9.30 am start unless otherwise specified
  • Competing dogs and their handlers must be present at the start of the Test
  • Handlers must ensure that the number of the dog being handled at the time is displayed appropriately
  • Dogs should be on the lead when not ‘under the control of the judge’
  • No competitor may withdraw their dog and leave the Gundog Working Test ground without informing the Chief Steward
  • Dogs should not wear a collar when competing
  • Replacement dummies must be paid for by the owner if his/her dog has damaged it
  •  No bitch in season may be brought to the test ground
  • Entries should be submitted on one of Test Entry Forms, completed fully and signed by the owners.
  • The name and details of the dog as recorded with The Kennel Club ltd must be given on the entry form (KC Reg. No/Stud No/ATC No)
  • A SEPARATE cheque payable to the Wiltshire Working Gundog Society is required for EACH dog entered and must accompany the entry form
  • No entry fees will be refunded for dogs withdrawn from a Test after the close of entries, except in the case of a dog qualifying out of novice, in season bitches or unfit dogs, when a full refund will be given.   A veterinary certificate may be asked for at the discretion of the Society’s Officers. Also on production of a medical certificate that the applicant or the applicants’ nominated handler is unable to compete a full refund will be given.
  • If a ballot is necessary all monies will be refunded or dealt with as specified in the schedule.
  • Engraving of trophies is the responsibility of the winner
  • The winner must also ensure the trophy received is returned to the appropriate WWGS Working Test Secretary in good time for the following year’s award, and in accordance with the undertaking signed
  • Any queries should be referred to the Spaniel Working Test Secretar

More Information

Any competitor whose dog is entered at a Kennel Club licensed event should take all reasonable steps to ensure the needs of their dog(s) are met, and should not knowingly put their dog’s health and welfare at risk by ant action, default, omission or otherwise. A breach of this regulation may be referred to the General committee for disciplinary action under Kennel Club Rules and Regulations.

Your dog is vulnerable and AT RISK if left in a vehicle in high temperatures and even on days considered slightly warm. Please take care of your dog. If your dog is found to be at risk forcible entry into you vehicle may be necessary without liability for any damage caused.

All dogs resident outside of the UK must be issued with a Kennel Club Authority to Compete number before entry  to an event can be made. All overseas entries without an Authority to Compete number will be returned to the competitor.

The committee shall have the power to refuse an entry for a Field Trial without giving a reason.

The Kennel Club have requested that competitors in Field Trials inform field trial secretaries of any errors in respect of their dogs name/details in the Running card BEFORE the card is submitted to the Kennel Club. The Kennel Club have had problems with owners not putting the correct registered name of their dog on entry forms, and thus it does not appear correctly on the running card.

Winners of trophies are reminded that they are responsible for the trophies safe custody and will have to make good any damage or loss incurred whilst in their keeping.

Winners are responsible for engraving and costs, and the safe return of the trophy to the field trial secretary at least two weeks before the date of the relevant trial.

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