FIELD TRIAL CALENDAR (Click link below to download Field Trial Shedule)

The following information applies to all Field Trials until further notice:

Whilst the Committee has taken every reasonable step to ensure their member’s health & safety and welfare, we would like to remind you that each individual has the primary responsibility for his/her own health & wellbeing and any risk factors relating to age or health, or health of close contacts, should be considered before entering an event.



Any individual not following Government guidelines, or who is deemed to be putting the safety of others at risk will be asked to leave the Trial ground.

• Competitors must provide their own face covering and hand sanitizer / gloves to use at appropriate times and must retain and dispose of their PPE at home.

• Competitors will be required to provide their own number for identification purposes when in line.  This does not need to be an armband but must be clearly visible to the judge when the handler joins the line.

• Competitors should be aware that spectators are not allowed. (other than a nominated person to hold a 2nd dog if applicable)

• Competitors must be aware that if they, or anyone in their household, has Covid-19 related symptoms or has tested positive for Covid-19 they must not attend the event and should self-isolate in line with Government advice

• Competitors must not attend a Trial if they reside in an area covered by a local lockdown enforced by the Government

• Competitors may be required to carry their own game during the day, please bring a suitable game bag/vest

• Competitors will need to bring their own food/drink

• Entries must be made electronically via FTMS – no paper entries will be accepted

• Results of the Draw will be emailed by FTMS

• The Trial Card will be sent electronically

1.Date: Thursday 9th December 2021 (Closing Date – 23rd November 2021)

Trial: Novice Driven 12 Dog Stake

Location: Great Durnford Estate SP4 6AZ 

Meet TBC


• Nick Coates (A2223) 

• Jason Mayhew (B3701)

•Mike Jones (B3780)

• Jane Mann

Entry fees:  

£35.00 members, £55.00 non-members. 

Prizes 1st Place £35.00, 2nd Place £10.00, 3rd Place £5.00 

Certificates and Prize money will be sent electronically. 

Admin fee  

£2.00 (Waived for 2021/2022 Season) 

Closing date for entries:  

23:59 on 23rd November 2021 

Date of Draw:  

24th November at 9am via FTMS. Results of the Draw will be sent via FTMS e-mail. 

2.Date: Monday 10th January 2022

Trial: Open Walked UP (1 day, 12 dogs) 

Location: Bake Barn SP3 5SY


• David Latham (A2299)

• Tony Ohare (B3642)

• David Jackson (A1881)

• John Yarwood (A3484)

Entry Fees: 

£40.00 members, £60.00 non-members. 

Prizes: 1st Place £35.00, 2nd Place £10.00, 3rd place £5.00 

Certificates and Prize money will be sent electronically.

Admin fee:  

£2.00 (Waived for 2021/2022 season) 

Closing date for entries:  

23:59 ON 24/12/2021

Date of Draw:  

27/12/2021 @ 9:00 by FTMS. Competitors will be notified of the draw results by e-mail.  

Any queries please contact: 

 The Field Trial Secretary (Retrievers): 

Suzanne Hickling. Address: Acorns, 1 Pembridge Road, Fordingbridge, Hants, SP61QJ 

Tel: 07810 542791 / 01425 655268  Email: suzehick@hotmail.com

How to enter?

We are only taking entries through The Field Trial Management System (FTMS)www.fieldtrial.info. Alternatively you can download one of our interactive entry forms and email it to the Field Trial Secretary (Suzanne). This must be supported by the relevant payment via PayPal or BACS, The Retriever FT Account details are 30-96-26  43558168 

Online entries must be paid directly to FTMS no later than one week before the Trial by those successful in the draw. Legitimate refunds will be made per KC reg. J.7f. 


 (Please read our conditions of entry and risk Assessment before entering.)

All award winners will receive prize cards.  Spectators by arrangement only with the Field Trial Secretary before the date of the trial. 

Conditions of Entry

Please read through our Risk Assessment which applies to all organisers and participants of our events

  • Priority in the draw will be given to members of WWGS
  • With all entries including FTMS you will not be entered into the draw unless administration fees are paid.
  • If more than one entry is applied for the second will not be drawn until all those seeking one entry have been drawn.
  • Regulation J7f applies; after an applicant has been successful in the draw, or as a reserve has accepted the offer of run, if the run is not taken up the applicant may become liable for the full entry fee except:
  1. Qualification out of Novice stakes.
  2. Where the dog drawn to run has qualified for the Championship after entries have closed.
  3. Production of a veterinary certificate confirming that the dog is unfit to compete.
  4. Production of a medical certificate that the applicant or applicants nominated handler is unable to compete.
  • Entries will not be accepted by e-mail or telephone.
  • Please ensure that the correct entry form is used. An incorrect or illegible entry will be returned.
  • Regulation J7h applies, the society will give priority in any subsequent novice draws to the members who were not successful in previous draws.
  • All dogs must be registered with the Kennel Club in the name(s) of the owner(s)
  • Reserves will be contacted by telephone in order of draw, please give mobile and home numbers on entry forms. If contact cannot be established the offer will be passed onto the next on the list.
  • Acceptance of runs; whilst competitors often submit entries for several field trials, which may overlap, it is not acceptable for them to compete in one trial whilst still retaining an acceptance run in a second overlapping trial as this may deny a run to someone else.
  • Should circumstances so dictate the society, in consultation with the judges, may alter arrangements as necessary. Such changes and circumstances surrounding them shall be reported to the Kennel Club at the earliest opportunity.
  • Substitution of dogs will be allowed up to 48 hours prior to the date of the trial provided that the substitution has the appropriate qualification for preference in the draw and is eligible for the stake.  Details of substitute dog (s) MUST be included in the entry form.  For that stake MUST be clearly marked substitute.  
  • Judges at a trial are prohibited from entering a dog that is recorded in their ownership or part ownership
  • EntriesRegulation J7.f Societies are advised that when a competitor is not able to attend a Trial due to them or a member of their household having Covid-19 or if they reside in an area subject to a Government lock down restriction they will not be liable for the entry fee, even if they withdraw less than 7 days before the Trial

More Information

Any competitor whose dog is entered at a Kennel Club licensed event should take all reasonable steps to ensure the needs of their dog(s) are met, and should not knowingly put their dog’s health and welfare at risk by ant action, default, omission or otherwise. A breach of this regulation may be referred to the General committee for disciplinary action under Kennel Club Rules and Regulations.

Your dog is vulnerable and AT RISK if left in a vehicle in high temperatures and even on days considered slightly warm. Please take care of your dog. If your dog is found to be at risk forcible entry into you vehicle may be necessary without liability for any damage caused.

All dogs resident outside of the UK must be issued with a Kennel Club Authority to Compete number before entry  to an event can be made. All overseas entries without an Authority to Compete number will be returned to the competitor.

The committee shall have the power to refuse an entry for a Field Trial without giving a reason.

The Kennel Club have requested that competitors in Field Trials inform field trial secretaries of any errors in respect of their dogs name/details in the Running card BEFORE the card is submitted to the Kennel Club. The Kennel Club have had problems with owners not putting the correct registered name of their dog on entry forms, and thus it does not appear correctly on the running card.

Winners of trophies are reminded that they are responsible for the trophies safe custody and will have to make good any damage or loss incurred whilst in their keeping.

Winners are responsible for engraving and costs, and the safe return of the trophy to the field trial secretary at least two weeks before the date of the relevant trial.


A Stake in which dogs have the opportunity of gaining a qualification towards the title of Field Trial Champion (K regs refer) and towards an entry in the Championship or Champion Stake for its breed: in which an entry is open to all dogs of a specified breed or breeds except that such Stakes may not confined to Any Variety Spaniel (except Spaniel (Cocker) and (English Springer). It may be limited to a prescribed number of runners (J4 refers), in which case these shall be decided by a draw and conducted in accordance with Regulation J7.i. and J7.j. so that preference is given to previous performance.


A Stake which is open to all dogs of a specified breed or breeds without restriction as to their age, but which may be restricted by any other conditions which may be determined by the society subject to the approval of the Board of the Kennel Club.


A Stake which is confined to dogs which have not gained a place which would qualify them for first preference in the draw for Open Stakes. A Stake which is confined to dogs which have not gained a first, second or third in Open Stakes or first, or two seconds in All Aged, Novice or Puppy Stakes prior to the close of entries.


Places gained in Stakes confined to Any Variety Spaniel (except Spaniel(Cocker) and (English Springer)) will not qualify the dog for the purposes of Regulation J7.i.

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