Results of the A.V. Retriever Open Trial

The trial was held at Bake Barn by kind invitation of Lord Margadale & kind permission of Mr Mick & Mrs Sharon Lewis. Judges were John Stubbs, Colin Pelham, Ken Green & Dave England. 


It was a walked up Trial with spaniels (handled by Chairman Tom Sheppard, Secretary Peter Amor & member Paddy Williams) working in front of the line. 


Awards were presented by the Honorable Mary Morrison to: 


• 1st & Catcombe Carli Memorial Trophy – Louie Robertson with Lab D FTCH Mitforton Nacho 

• 2nd – Jason Mayhew with Lab D FTCH Kestrelway Drake 

• 3rd & Milheath Trophy for Guns Choice – Jo Rollinson with Lab D Troddenmills Bail Me Out 

• 4th – Jacqui Crew with GRet D Hanans Kertis 

• Com – Nigel Probert with Lab D Stauntonvale Buckwheat of Llangynidr 

• Com – Sarah Miles with Lab D Sault Samishof Meonvalley Chris Damon 

• Trophy for Keepers Choice – Keith Broomfield with Polihale Vodka Surprise 


Our thanks go also to the 6 guns who shot really well for us. Thanks also go to Chief Steward – Jennie Dimmock Judges Stewards – Isobel Whitford & Jackie Davis Game Carriers – Karen Handley & Stephen Langdon