Open any variety Spaniel (except Spaniel Cocker) Field Trial Results 31st October

The Open any variety spaniel (except Spaniel Cocker) Field Trial was held on Thursday the 31st of October 2019 by the kind invitation of the Earl of Iddesleigh and Paul Bowyer. These are the results: 


• 1st  Carnteel Mayhan of Woodash owned and handeled by Mr Dave Rayner


• 2nd Whiznic Withit     owned and handled by Mr Paul Thomas


• 3rd Kilhopemoss Pepperpot  Mr Dave Hodgson


• 4th Palmarrion Bracken Mrs M Emery and she was awarded the guns choice shield


Certificates of Merit


• Bucklawren Jink  Mr M Cardwell


• Middletorr Aurora Mr P Williams


• Countrways Blueberry  Mr D Templar


• Bucklawren Kadiz    Mr S Jones


Field Trial Secretary Report by Tom Sheppard

The trial was started in woodland a short walk from the meeting point on a slightly damp drizzly overcast day, But despite the weather within a couple minutes of the dogs starting their hunting, a couple  of pheasants took to the air and then throughout the day virtually all the dogs had an opportunity to show the judges their skills at finding pheasants from some decent woodland ground cover.  The judges were Wayne Greig (AP) and Stephen Hood (BP) and the team of four guns Mr Howard Feltham (our working test secretary) Mr Peter Amor (the Wiltshire’s general secretary) along with Shane Leigh( one of the clubs spaniel trainers) and Mr Martin Johnson. All of whom shot brilliantly with Pete Amor receiving a round of applause  for his prowess with a shotgun at the end of the day.


It was a smashing day Paul Bowyer as always did a superb job and provided us with a great start to the season with a top-class Open Stake.


We are extremely grateful to both Wayne and Steve for travailing a long way to the west country to judge the dogs, they also played a big part in making the day a great success.


Thanks to Andy and Steve our game carriers for the day and  Annette Johnson along with Graham Watkins for doing the Stewarding