Gundog Training – Group Training evenings off to a great start!

Gundog Training

Last week was a BIG week for Wiltshire Working Gundog Society being the first week in our Spring – Summer Gundog group training evenings.  The  Great British weather continued – as it has over the past few months – with a wet start and cars even getting stuck in the mud; but despite that  training evenings for both Spaniels and Retriever went on and were well attended, with lots of new faces and great fun had by all! 

Please see a more detailed run down by our training coordinators below.  If you would like to come along and try one of our evening group training sessions please do contact our training coordinators.  We cater for all abilities from first time handlers to those with lots of experience; likewise from puppies to pro’s! We welcome non-members to join us and simply pay for the cost of one evening – and if they would like to return we then ask them to fill in a Membership Application form which can be found online. 

Retriever Training
Springer Spaniel Trials
Retriever Training

Retriever Training

Wednesday’s Retriever training was great fun.  All our trainers were wonderful and stuck it out as the light became dark.  Some people got a little lost on the way so not only did they have a fun exploring, one ended up with a flat tyre and one other person ended up with their car needing to be towed out; however they also got to learn a little more about their dog and hopefully enjoyed doing so.  It was lovely to see some beginners joining us and I hope that they will be back next week.

We had 31 people and the Novice class was quite big although most people said that it was interesting to listen to the instructor and learn about problems they had not yet come across even if they did only get a few retrieves.

Thank you so much to all for coming and for those who bought items for the draw; a little bit of fun before the seriousness starts.  See you next week.

Annabel Kettler (Retriever Training Coordinator)

Spaniel Training

We had to make a last minute change of venue for our Monday training session, so a big thank you must go to  Spaniel Training and Test Co-ordinator Howard Feltham for generously allowing us to use his land at Burton near Mere. 

Although the weather was rather damp and miserable we had a good turnout with several new faces attending, as well as the regulars from last year. 

Our three trainers, Paddy, Ray and Neil were as helpful as ever,and hopefully everyone learnt something from the evening. 

Everyone I spoke to afterwards enjoyed the evening and we look forward to seeing you all again next week.

Steve Langdon (Spaniel Training Coordinator)