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Seeking NEW Committee Members

The Wiltshire Working Gundog Society have a couple key places available their committee, 

Peter Amor is stepping down as Secretary

Christine Collins is stepping down as Treasurer.

The committee would like to thank both Peter and Christine for their support to the club.

We are now in need of some new members to help fill these places (and general committee members swell). If you would like to join the WWGS and be part of the team, please contact us via the ‘Get in touch’page. We will be pleased to have you on board.

RESULTS Of the AV Novice and Open Spaniel Test.

Sunday 23 rd May saw the first of this seasons Spaniel Working Tests which we ran at on some fantastic ground at Teffont , Nr Salisbury bkpo Mr and Mrs K Austreng and Mr Rob Hewlett.

An innovative Test was set and Judged by John Cooke and Shane Leigh and we are very grateful as a club for the time and effort they and all the helpers put in to make the day a success.

The Test was again sponsored by Skinners Working Dog Foods who are great supporters of all our events .

Thank you to all 30 Competitors and the Team of helpers for a great day.


1st Alan Willis with ESS Razor Wasp of Keldeb

2nd Grania Quin with ESS Pondbank Primrose

3rd Tom Sheppard with ESS Beanhill Grandest

4th Damian Fitchett with ESS Calderbridge Elwood


Adrian Bundy with ESS Popplelight Delius

Nikki Urquhart with WCS Misselchalke Surya.


1st Tom Sheppard with ESS Beanhill Grandest

2nd Paddy Williams with ESS Penwills Kish

3rd Rob Singleton with ESS Tascroft Dragon Fly


Kit Williams with Calderbridge Willow.

WWGS AGM deferred to 2021

In accordance with the latest issue of the Kennel Club newsletter WWGS with not be holding their AGM in 2020 and it will now be deferred to 2021 

WWGS Open AV Retriever Test Results

The Wiltshire Working Gundog Society had a successful day running their Open AV Retriever working test at Orchardleigh today.

Our very grateful thanks go Mr Charles Fuller and his daughter Claire and to the Keeper Bill Griffiths for allowing us there at such short notice.

Thanks go to our judges Simon Hagain, Nigel Probert and Basil Smith. Our helpers did a fantastic job, as always … thank you too!

The rain held off, we had 32 dogs entered and 30 ran – thank you all for your support and great sportsmanship.


• 1st & the Farleigh Cup to Ken Green with Lab D, Autumn Willow Tag

• 2nd to Karen Handley with Lab D, Sunstar Gadwall at Peterspond

• 3rd to Dave England with Lab B, Lubbecke Queen of Hearts of Abney

• 4th to Kevin Phillips with Lab D, Fendawood Jacob

• CoM to Shane King with Lab B, Sentiero Fizz

• CoM to Michael Crutchley with Lab D, Mitforton Neon

• CoM to Sarah Lowman with Lab B, Laverton Meadow Cowslip

Thank you to Skinners for your generous sponsorship.


Novice English Springer Spaniel Results 24th Jan 2020

The final Wiltshire Trial of the 2019 /20 season was held at a new venue for the club in the village of Great Durnford just outside Salisbury Wiltshire.

It was put forward by committee members Steve Langdon the WWGS spaniel training coordinator and Howard Feltham the Spaniel Working Test secretary that Great Durnford Estates game keeper (Tom Paul) and estate manager (Mat Gentle) might be interested in hosting a trial for us.  So in the spring of 2019 Tom gave the three of us a guided tour of the part of the estate he had in mind for the tria.l As soon as I arrived and met Tom it was obvious that Tom was keen to help us have a good trial.Tom and Mat are understandably are proud of the work they do at this modern well managed sporting Estate the meeting point and shoot rooms where we met are superb as is all the estate we visited.

The Trial was held in shelter belts long strips of woodland originally planted as wind brakes to protect the large arable fields from the wind typical of Wiltshire countryside 30 or 40 metres in width with the occasional fallen tree or patch of bramble or cover in the bottom it looked like an ideal peace of ground for a January trial.

The game was there in large numbers Partridge and pheasant no dogs had blank runs, but the dogs did always need to be under full control by their handlers as all the time you could see game further ahead.


The Judges Mr Will Clullee A and Mr Steve Branklin NP both did a business like job of the judging at around lunch time a run off between Mr J Organs Edegrove Trapper and Mr A Skinners Murrayeden Ebony was done in some low cover crop.


My thanks to the Estate and Tom ,Mat and all the guns, stops and picker up that made this a brilliant first visit to your Estate

Special thanks to Will who did put himself out to judge this trial for us as he had a problem at home to sort out, but did still kindly fulfil his judging commitment.


The Awards

  • 1 st Merrayeden Ebony Mr A Skinner and the Awbridge cup best hunting spaniel
  • 2 nd Edgrove Trapper Mr J Organ
  • 3 rd Steelhouse Eleri
  • Mountain mist Mr Mark Gibson
  • 4 th Countryways Jorden Mr S Lines
  • Com Kirstzo Fiavia Mr R woodward
  • Com Wiznic Weeto of Conholthill Mr C Green
  • Com Valentines Destiny of Bawdenflight Mr J Bawden and also awarded the guns choice shield

Results of Wiltshire Working Gundog Society (WWGS) Retriever Trial held at Horningsham

.The Wiltshire Working Gundog Society (WWGS) held the last of their Retriever Trials today at Horningsham in Wiltshire.

We were invited by the keeper & host, Mr Sean Jefferies. Our thanks go to him & his team of beaters & pickers, tractor & trailer drivers and also to the team of guns who shot so well.

Our thanks go to the judges, Heather Bradley (A2431), Judith Evans (B2898), Reuben Mort (NP) & Beth Payne (NP).


  • No 1st awarded
  • 2nd to Rob Wilmott with Lab B Danescombe Omega
  • 3rd to Paul Green (Clare Baker handler) with Lab D Fordbank Oakley
  • 4th & The Melbury Award for Guns Choice to Basil Smith with Lab D Highshot Cooper.
  • Thank you to Sarah Winter & Vicky Webster for stewarding, to Geoff Shore & Paddy Williams for Game carrying, to Sarah Miles for carrying the ‘Red’ flag & Nikki Urquhart for helping in all sorts of roles! Thank you to Lucy Arnold for all her help behind the scenes.

Thank you too Jennie Dimmock for being Chief Steward.

We were kindly sponsored by Skinners.

And finally….I must mention and thank Tim Hankey (FTMS)for all his support and guidance over the season.

WWGS Novice AV Retriever Trial held in Rockbourne

The WWGS held its 1st of it’s 2 Novice AV Retriever Trials at new ground for the Club in Rockbourne, by kind permission of Mr Christopher & Mrs Jane Hall and by invitation of the keeper Ali Cross.

My thanks must go to the judges

Barry Taylor, Keith Broomfield, Jo Rollinson & Paul Dukes.

The syndicate guns shot for us, our thanks go to them too.

I only had 2 helpers today, Karen Handley & Margs Lowtry who doubled up as game carriers and stewards and did a sterling job!

Thanks also go to pickers up Isobel Whitford & Ann Marriott.

Chief steward was Jennie Dimmock.


  • 1st place (and a beautiful new trophy donated by Keith Broomfield) to Jane Mann with G Ret B Windwithe Brandy of Holway.
  • No other awards were given.


Retriever Trial Results

The WWGS held the first of their Retriever Trials at Bake Barn, By kind invitation of Lord Margadale & Keeper, Mick Lewis.

We had 6 guns and 4 spaniel handlers (Tom Sheppard , Paddy Williams, Geoff Shore & Simon Jones) working the line for the Open Walked-Up.

Our sincere thanks go to them for giving up their day for us and also to our judges: Robert Atkinson, Nick Coates, Diana Stevens & Mary-Jane Opie

Thanks go to Jennie Dimmock for being Chief Steward and also to our stewards Jackie Davis & Nikki Urquhart and to game carriers Howard & Steve.

The ground was mainly woodland with heavy cover of bramble & bracken.


  • 1st & Keepers Choice to Jo Rollinson with Lab D Troddenmills Bail Me Out

  • 2nd & Gun’s Choice to Louise Munchaus Adsboel with Lab D Skovagers Six Mile Woodcock


Sue Jordan with G Ret B Tullysedge My Belle Nell

Jo had an extra reason to smile as with this win (stc) she has made her dog up to FTCH!

Photos above and on Facebook courtesy of Nikki Urquhart 

Novice Cocker Spaniel Stake. WWGS 3rd trial

The Wiltshire Working Gundog Society held it’s third field trial of the season, this time the Novice Cocker spaniel stake.

The Wiltshire again is so grateful to Sean Jefferies the head keeper at the Horningsham Shoot for inviting us back to this lovely private shoot and let us trample our way through the woodlands with our dogs.

Unfortunately Sean wasn’t feeling so well on the day and was unable to join us so some how Paddy Williams managed to wangle his way into the team of Guns!

We started the day at the top of hill overlooking the village.   A longish hedge with a strip of cover crop both sides greeted the first two dogs, Aled Jones our A panel Judge on the right hand side and Dave Hodgson on the left.   It wasn’t long before a couple of shots rang out and partridges and pheasants were bursting out of the crops giving the first half dozen dogs  a run in this.  We then turned the corner and into mature woodland with lots small holly bushes around the base of the trees and another 5 or 6 dogs completed their first run. We then moved a couple of miles down the road and completed the trial in more mature oak and ash woodland and with lots of game moving in front of the line all the dogs had to work hard but I think most were rewarded with a flush and retrieve.

The two judges then found the customary log to sit on to go through their books and after a short period of time it was announced at 220pm that the trial was over.


Lucy Arnold as well as the official picker up for the day had  provided the refreshments back at shoot room where the following awards were given out.

Unfortunately the Judges decided that they couldn’t give first place this year as they felt that all the dogs needed a bit more polish before they could hold there own in an open stake but they did compliment all the dogs in the awards on their standard and that they tackled the cover well.


My thanks again to the two judges Aled and Dave for both travelling a long way to judge for us( Aled from Wales and Dave from Cornwall ) hopefuly enjoyed their first time judging for WWGS.


It was very enjoyable day so my thanks to Lucy and Steve and of course Lorraine the Mrs for all their help on the day.




  • 1st   place not awarded

  • 2nd  Byrbwll Gwenllian handled by Zoe Townsend

  • 3rd  Cannonfield Kuro Kanatia handled by Lara Sorisi

  • 4th   Dolbrenin Quickstep handled by J M Davis


  • Helgher Hongera handled by P Smith

  • Corbinsbere Maverick handled by Lara Sorisi

  • Eightwalks Tawny Owl handled by Esther Cope

  • Rowston Rage handled by Kayleigh Snell

  • Rowston Expresso of Leeglen handled by Kayleigh Snell