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Wiltshire Working Gundog Society launch new website

Here at Wiltshire Working Gundog Society we are excited to launch our new Society website.  We have busy working on this and wanted to launch it prior to The West of England Game Fair. Look carefully and you may be even spot your very own retriever or spaniel featuring on the website from a recent trial, test or training event.

For current members we would like the website to be a first port of call  to find out about our events, training, Tests and Trials that we run. For prospective members we hope the website will provide a window into finding out a little more about our Society, see our Become a member page – for how to join. 

We hope that for all it be easy for all to navigate and that our interactive and downloadable forms on our Forms page, will help members when entering our Tests and Trials.  Also helping Secretaries to be able to clearly read your details – making sure it is your dog’ s correctly spelt name that appears on the day. 

You will notice featured in the navigation bar is a News section.  Here we hope to keep members up to date with Society News, but also to give members a platform where all can share their news, stories and images too.  If you would like to share a story – simply go to the Get in Touch page and contact me (by selecting Website and Communication Secretary) in the drop down bar.  Note: this is the best way to contact other secretaries too – simply select from the drop down bar who you would like to talk to and write your message. 

Our Results page likewise will feature the latest results from our Tests and Trials.



We would also like to thank our dedicated committee members who have given up huge amounts of time to project manage the site build, web designers Damteq and some exceedingly talented and supportive photographers who have given us permission to use their beautiful images.  This includes Darren Cordingley, Society member Kit Williams and Ben Cole.  

Darren even gave up a morning of his time – to do a homepage photo shoot .  Talking of which it would be remiss not to thank our beautiful models – Becky and Steve Mundy, Tom, India, Sebastian Eastman and Jim Penaliggon  – and “the dogs”, for being so obliging and incredibly well behaved (well the dogs at least!) 


We do hope you  are as thrilled with our new website as we are and we would love to hear your feedback. 

With very best wishes

Verity Eastman

(Communications and Website Secretary) 

Results for the AV Novice Retriever Trial 31st January 2018 

Wiltshire Working Gundog Society’s Novice Retriever Trial was held in Horningsham on 31st January 2018 by kind invitation of Sean Jefferies  and a great day was had by all.

  1. No first place was awarded
  2. 2nd place went to Mitforton Nutmeg H/O Mike Flemming
  3. COM and the guns award went to Hemmingtons Noggin O/H Ken Spratling
  4. Com Geordieland Rebel O/H John Kegan

We are extremely grateful to Sarah Cole Jenny, Dimmock and Martin Dennett for their hard work making this trial happen.

The Wiltshire is run by volunteers if you have taken part in any of our test or trials over the years then we need your help, as we are still very short of people with an interest in the retriever side of the club.  Opportunities are available to help both at committee level, running Tests, or just as a helper for just a day or an evening.  Please Get in touch with a committee member know if you can help.


AV Novice Spaniel Cold Game Test, Sunday 3rd September 2017

The Wiltshire held it’s AV Novice Spaniel Cold Game Test on Sunday 3rd September, by the kind invitation of Mr and Mrs T Sheppard at Nutty Coppice Farm, Trudoxhill.

The judges were Mr D Templar, Mr J Cooke and Mr N Cox.

  1. 1st Colcourt Comet of Conolthill ESS C. Green
  2. 2nd Lynchside Shikra ESS R Carpenter
  3. 3rd Sunny Olethea CS N Husher
  4. 4th Begcarbush Indiana CS A Portman
  5. CoM Clentohill Dutch of Countryways ESS J Thatcher
    Nettlebridge Goldfinger CS M Burr

Historically the final Spaniel test of the season takes place in beautiful sunshine with the cold game slowly getting warmer and the dogs eager for a water retrieve to cool down. However, Sunday 3rd September, the date ofthis year’s Cold Game test was somewhat different- cold, grey with the promise of heavy rain to follow. However, this did little to dampen the spirits of the 25 competitors who under the unscrupulous eye of judges, John Cooke and David Templar worked the dogs in pairs, in some wonderful cover to display their hunting ability. Each dog had shots fired and two seen retrieves where steadiness and dropping to shot helped accumulate their marks.

Having completed their hunting, the final test of the day was set up and judged by Nick Cox. This involved, what appeared to be a straight forward blind alongside a hedge of about 30 yards, however it also meant running past a pond and this became too greater temptation for many of the dogs, costing valuable marks.

The final part of the test was a seen into the water, straight forward enough, providing you had done some water training, but with heavy reed growth around the fringe of the pond the draw to hunt, rather than pick the dummy took its toll on some otherwise very promising young dogs.

My thanks go to Tom Sheppard for providing such excellent ground to run on and a barn to shelter in, the judges who gave their valuable time, our sponsors, Sporting Saint for providing both raffle and winners prizes and most importantly my co-organiser Jo Yates and the team of helpers who tirelessly turn up, rain or shine and without whom, the tests simply would not be possible.

In this, my first season as Test Secretary I cannot thank you enough for your guidance and support .

Howard Feltham