Month: June 2019

WWGS Open AV Retriever Working Test Report

Test Report by Suzanne Hickling

The WWGS held their Open AV Retriever working test today (Saturday 22 June) at the fabulous ground of Horningsham in Wiltshire, by kind permission of Peter & David Green & the keeper Sean Jefferies.

My thanks go to Lucy Arnold for all her help before, during and after the test and a big thank you to Skinners for your support and sponsorship.

We were very fortunate to have great support from our members, thanks go to them & especially Julie Spencer for coordinating the paperwork & helpers.

The tests were set and judged today by Nick Coates, Jennie Dimmock & Jane Manley.

The sun shone, there was an abundance of good spirits all round.

Results as follows:

  • 1st place & the Farleigh Cup to Dave England with Lab B Lubbecke Queen of Hearts of Abney
  • 2nd place to Simon Hagain with Lab FTCH Skeviot Emerald
  • 3rd place to Karen Handley with Lab D Daddy Al
  • 4th place to Ken Spratling with Lab D Hemingtons Noggin
  • CoM to Dave England with Lab B Tudorcourt Corrie of Abney
  • CoM to Karen Handley with Lab D Sunstar Gadswell at Peterspond

Retriever Training Report Session 7

Training Report from Annabel Kettler 

“We had a lovely evening on Wednesday. The weather was perfect and with many thanks to Mrs Yeoman, Lucy Arnold, Ken Green and Nick Coates took the small number of dogs and their humans off in different directions. Nick took his group off into a field where the grass was taller than the dogs and Ken and Lucy shared a field. Ken’s dogs were doing longer and longer retrieves seen and blind and Lucy’s puppies were learning about deliveries and steadiness. Thank you all for a lovely evening”. 

“For more details on Retriever Training please visit our Retriever Training page or message Annabel on To see more of the images taken on the night by Annabel please LIKE our Facebook and look at our albums.

Retriever Water Training Report by Annabel Kettler

Training Report by Annabel Kettler, Training Coordinator: 


With many thanks to Howard and Charlotte Feltham for lending us their lake, and Ken Green for coming along to instruct. We had a fantastic evening last night; the rain mainly stayed away although the midges did make their presence felt. The dogs seemed to have such fun; the experienced and the inexperienced. It was a wonderful evening to take photos, hence there are quite a few here. The light was playing games but I think I have caught the essence of the evening. I hope you enjoy them. Very much look forward to seeing everyone at training next week at Nunney – same place same time as before! Annabel

For more details on Retriever Training please visit our Retriever Training page or message Annabel on To see more of the images taken on the night by Annabel please LIKE our Facebook and look at our albums.

Retriever Training Update

Training Update from Annabel Kettler 

“We had a lovely evening last Wednesday at Nunney by kind permission of Mrs Yeoman. Sadly Nick Coates was unable to join us but Christine Collins stepped up again and helped us out with the Puppies. There was heal work and even some seen and memory retrieving. Lucy Arnold took the Novices, a small group this time, teaching some good direction work and Ken Green took the Open. The length of the Open Dogs retrieves was extremely impressive especially when they had to ignore another dummy landing close to them on their way back. It caught a few out! 

Next week we are lucky enough to have some water training (Wed 12th) near Mere (please contact me if you are interested), then we are back to Nunney on Wed 19th. 

The weather wasn’t as good as our previous session, however, I did manage to get a few rather nice pics. I hope you enjoy them.. 



Novice Retriever Working Test Report

Following Sunday 9th June, Novice Test at Stourhead

Test Report from Suzanne Hickling:

“My first working test under my belt and it was a fabulous day! We managed to finish the day in the dry… I’ve never climbed the same hill so many times in 1 day … the cake at the end of the day was so well deserved !!

A special mention goes to Julie Spencer, she has been a great support and helped in a number of ways, for which I am truly grateful.

The first test being judged by Karen Handley was a seen to shot across a small lake. The dogs were sent across the lake to pick the retrieve – If the dogs veered slightly to the left, they ended up in a bed of reeds and thick mud – smelly!!
The handlers stayed in their group and then went with Karen to her second test. This was a seen to double shot, on the dogs return from picking the seen a blind was placed and the dogs were sent back to the same area for the blind.
The first test being judged by Vicky Webster was a seen to shot up a hill. Stingys and brambles blocked a direct line for the dogs to take and woodland was on either side of the brambles. Once the dogs were in the area, the ground was clear and then the dogs were then able to make the retrieve.
For Vicky’s second test dog and handler were sat up whilst a shot was fired and a dummy was thrown into some reeds. The handler then had to turn the dog 45’ and pick a blind then the seen.
Judith’s two tests were run concurrently. 3 dogs were sat in line, a seen to shot was thrown into some reeds. The first dog on the right was sent for the retrieve. Once the dog returned, the second dog in the middle was sent behind the line for a blind. When the second dog had returned, the third dog on the left was sent for a blind down a hill in front of the line. The dogs in line then moved down a place and the sequence was repeated until each dog had retrieved each dummy.

At one point it didn’t look like we would be able to run the day as we had so few helpers, However, all came right in the end!

It was lovely to see some familiar faces but also some new faces running in their first test and new helpers also supporting us.

My thanks go to everyone for making it such a success and congratulations go to all those in the awards.”

Results are:

  • 1st & winner of the Angel Engineering Perpetual Shield to Roland Stacey with LR Dog Kensteen Kansas Star
  • 2nd to Judy Gillett with LR Bitch Tanderswell Bella
  • 3rd to Dave England with LR Dog Abney Archer
  • 4th to Brian West with LR Dog Drakeshead Chad
  • CoM to Neil Ward with LR Bitch Blackhatch Wispa
  • CoM to Alan Keenan with LR Bitch Fenway Blossom
  • CoM to Dave England with LR Bitch Abney Arrow

“What a fabulous day, stunning ground & super judging from Judith Evans, Karen Handley & Vicky Webster.

Thank you to the club & committee members who supported us so the event could take place.”