Month: April 2019

Results of the Novice and Open A.V Spaniel Test Sunday 14th April, Trudoxhill,

Report from Spaniel Test Coordinator – Howard Feltham

Thank you to Mr and Mrs T Sheppard for inviting the club to run its Spring Test at Nutty Coppice Farm, to Our Judges , Alice Wise, Andy Faulkner and Paddy Williams, to the marvellous team of helpers and to all the competitors who collectively made the day a great success.

A total of 30 dogs were put through their paces with some challenging tests which resulted in :

  • Results of the Novice
  • 1st Adrian Bundy with ESS Popplelight Detroit
  • 2nd Matt Blake. with ESS Rytex Rhiannon
  • 3rd Tony Pascoe. with WCS Helghyer Tegan 
  • 4th Adrian Bundy with ESS Popplelight Decius
  • COM Kim Barnes. with WCS Mooncourt Black Vallis
  • COM Dawn Brown with ESS Garneddisaf Tecwyn
  • COM Matt Blake. with ESS Springmoore Skylark

Results of the Open

  • 1st Mark Gibson with ESS Steelhouse Crack of Thunder
  • 2nd Julie Etherington with ESS Valnew Hallebo at Wiltonspings
  • 3rd Juliet Turrell with WCS Turbury Oldshore More
  • 4th Julie Etherington with ESS Wiltonsprings Cleo
  • COM June Bearman with WCS Briffoaks Holly
  • COM Peter Amor with ESS Breckmarsh Dusty


Retriever Training: session 1

Training Report – From Retriever Training Secretary Annabel Kettler 

“Well, after a rather late start due to, sadly, poor directions; we all eventually met at the new land at Whitley / Nunney, by kind permission of Mrs Angela Yeoman.  There was a good turnout for all classes and training went on until it was dark.  All trainers working out which dogs had returned and how the new dogs fitted in.  Heal work and retrieving work for the puppies, long retrieves for the Novice and overall obedience and retrieving and hunting for the Open.  It was very impressive to watch the Open dogs do their “thing”, by sitting quietly off the lead waiting for their turn, off the mark with speed when sent and then hunting as soon as the whistle was blown.  It was very clear to me how much work everyone had put in to these lovely dogs.

There are a few pictures from the evening however, due to poor light please excuse the quality.  More to come!


I mentioned last night that we are desperate for helpers on Sunday 9th June so if anyone is able to help please let me know or email (Julie).

Next time we are at Bake Barn, Fonthill on 24th April.  The area is not actually at Fonthill, it is just off the A303 and it will be signposted.

For more details – please keep looking at the website or contact me via the Contact page. “


Wiltshire Working Gundog Society Newsletter 2019

To all members of The Wiltshire Working Gundog Society

Please click here for our newsletter in PDF format or please see below.  You will find current dates for Club Training and Working Tests for the coming weeks and months for both Retrievers and Spaniels.


Also a quick reminder straight away for some diary dates


  • Retriever training will be starting on Wednesday April the 10th at a fabulous new ground near Frome/Nunney BA11 3JY at 6:45pm
  • More entries are needed for the club’s Spaniel Spring Test on April the 14th at Trudoxhill BA11 5DW, Spaniel members get your entries asap
  • Spaniel Training will be starting on Monday April the 15th at Burton BA12 6BD at 6:45pm
  • And of course the club’s AGM on Tuesday the 30th of April 2019 at 8 pm at The White Hart, Trudoxhill, BA11 5DP

Don’t forget to check the club’s website for more details