Month: February 2019

Membership Renewal

Subscription renewal payments are due via standing order on 1st January annually and MUST be paid by 1st February.  Renewal reminders are not issued by the Society.  Note that a lapse of membership due to non-payment will not be notified by the Society.

If you fail to pay your subscription by 1st February you will be counted as a lapsed member and will not be eligible to receive club benefits, including preference in draws.

Annual membership renewal payments must be made by standing order only.  Cheques and cash are not accepted unless pre-agreed with Membership Secretary

An interactive Standing Order Form can be found on the Forms Page which can be downloaded and printed. 

Note: the Society is not responsible for the submission or maintenance of your standing order; it is the responsibility of members to do this.  Non payment will result in cancellation of membership. 

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