Month: July 2018

Wiltshire Working Gundogs Summer Retriever Test

Wiltshire Working Gundog Society working test day on the 22nd of July 2018 at the Orchardleigh Estate near Frome by kind permission of Mr Charles Fuller. We had a baking hot day like all others who had scheduled a test for today. Classes run were Special Puppy, Novice Dog/Novice Handler and Novice with about 35 entries across all groups. Lucky all tests could be set in woodland and our 4 judges Ken Green, Keith Broomfield, Roger Ford and Roland Stacey kept their sense of humour till the end.

In the Awards:

Special Puppy

  1. 1st Julie Spencer – Bellaroyal Little Red Panda 
  2. 2nd Suzanne Hickling – Eustna Ginger Fizz 
  3. 3rd Isobel Whitford – Bellaroyal Funky Monkey 


  • 1st Georgi Wickham – Widgerybarn Breeze
  • 2nd Jessica Barnes – Valley Of The Rocks
  • 3rd David Forbes – Regorlien Phoebe 
  • COM Carol Clift – Olivestone Lemon Drizzle 
  • COM Andy Doyle – Macmillane Halle Lady


  • 1st Shane King – Wintercopse Red Kite
  • 2nd Nick Jordan – Hollowbrook Eddie 
  • 3rd Dave England – Abney Arrow 
  • 4th Peter Leyden – Ticefield Nightjar 
  • COM Malcolm Jones – Gwynteg Alize 
  • COM Henriette Fletcher – Henergy Moon River


Annabel Kettler took plenty of pictures throughout the day and please have a look at the clubs Facebook page to look at them.

A big thank you last but not least to the 15 helpers including dummy throwers and stewards and generally helpful people who are vital to make a day like this a success. Thank you all and I hope everybody is cooling down by now to call it a day. See you soon….


Future events

Please keep an eye out on our website and Facebook for future tests and a ALL club friendly scurry morning.  Date we are currently looking at Sunday 9th September in Mere.

Also if you feel you have got what it takes to help on the committee for future tests, trials, training or in other committee roles please contact


A great end to the Spring/Summer Gundog Training series and Wiltshire Working Gundog Society won!

Spaniel Inter-club Test


Oh what a night! We met at 6.45 pm as usual but this time were joined by The Dorset Working Spaniel Club for some Inter-Club fun and friendly tests.

Splitting into our usual groups – Puppies, Intermediate and Advanced.  We then took turns undertaking mini test situations.  For example doing blinds, retrieves, hunting and stopping to the whistle.  The trainers then marked each dog with a score.  The lowest and highest scores for each club were then taken into consideration to decide the winning club. And very excitingly – Wiltshire came out on top – and won!  The final score  113/105 to Wiltshire!

Trainers unanimously agreed that all had improved hugely during the summer training series.  The shield was handed to Wiltshire and a lovely meal at The Smithy was enjoyed by all.

A great end to the training series. Not only did people learn a lot but also great friends were made. 

Thank you all for joining us.  

Howard and Steve , Training Secretaries

Are you keen? 

We are thinking of having a Summer Get Together – doing fun scurries and a barbecue – inviting both spaniels and retrievers – do register your  interest on Facebook or email

Likely date: Sunday 9th September

Likely time: 9.30 am

Likely location: Mere



Retriever Training


“We had a lovely evening last night.  I was not sure whether it was going to be hot and sunny or cloudy and breezy; as it was we had a little of everything.  With the generosity of Lord Margadale, Mick and Sharon Lewis we were able to use a large stubble field for our last training.  A lot of talk of the partridge season was mentioned as a result.. 

Sadly this was our last training session and we only had one Open person turn up.  Luckily she was happy to join the Novice, which we again split.  Nick Coates had a group, as did Ken Green and a lot seemed to be covered.  Every time I have been to watch all our training groups, I have learnt something new and useful to take home and I only had a camera with me!

The puppies (and the owners) have learnt an awful lot about their owners (and their dogs) and seem ready and prepared to face the forthcoming shooting season ahead.  The Novice were doing memory retrieves, blind retrieves and seen retrieves over some big distances and hopefully we will see a few of them at our Retriever Working Test this weekend.

I would personally like to thank Mr Charles Fuller of Orchardleigh, Mr and Mrs Green of Horningsham and Lord Margadale of Fonthill for their generosity in lending us their ground for training on; and our Trainers, Nick Coates, Ken Green and Lucy Arnold, for being so wonderful and turning up every other Wednesday to teach all our willing victims.  Their training is invaluable and their generosity endless. 

The evening wouldn’t be the same without someone to throw dummies and my thanks goes to Sharon Lewis and my lovely husband, who has not only put up with the late evenings, but has helped to throw dummies and been very determined to make sure we show our support to this wonderful Club.

We will, I am sure, start our training in April around the same time next year, information of which will be forthcoming towards the end of the year.  In the meantime I wish you all a wonderful shooting season and look forward to seeing you when we start all over again.  Please look out for our training dates and until then have fun and see you next year.

Annabel Kettler, Training Secretary

Wiltshire Working Gundog fabulous training in the sunshine


It was a hot summer night – but fortunately training took part at Training and Test Coordinator Howard Feltham’s beautiful farm in Mere and was centred around the cooling waters of the lake.  Like all dogs do – our gun dogs relished diving into the waters to collect dummies.  Other training was interspersed with work on land, retrieving and a little hunting.  All dogs did amazingly and thankfully there was a cooling breeze.  

Well done also to Ray for his super training and holding the fort, when other trainers were sadly unable to make it. 

Although this was the last training session on the Spring/Summer evening series.  Please join us in two weeks time on Tuesday 17th July at 6.45pm when we join The Dorset Working Spaniel Club for a VERY friendly inter-club challenge.  This will take place in Moorwood near Bruton. (Cost £7)

Please see a selection of the pictures below – more will appear on the gallery section of our Facebook page – where you will also be able to keep up to date with Society news and talk to other members of our community


After all this heat I was a little worried as to how Wednesday turn out.  As it was there had been rain during the day which seemed to clear the air and it wasn’t too hot.  We were extremely lucky to be able to use the land at Fonthill by the kind permission of Lord Margadale.  Unfortunately we did not have many people turn up for the training and sadly no Open dogs.  This meant that we were able to split the Novice group between Nick Coates and Ken Green. 

We had very long grass, ticks, jumps and cyclists to deal with!  Lucy Arnold took the Puppy group up the path and found a patch of shorter grass where they could do obedience and a little retrieving, without it being too difficult for the dogs. 

Nick Coates took his half of the Novice group up the track as well and did some heal work, going right, going left, going back, the stop whistle and also using the stop whistle whilst we keep walking; all things we forget we need to keep on top of.  With the grass as long as it was the dogs really did have to use their memory and smell to find the dummies; luckily a cycle group only disturbed us once!

Ken Green bought his jumps again and as a shot was fired the dogs saw a dummy in the air and then had to retrieve over a fence and bring the dummy back again.  This time Ken started off with one jump and then put another one up so the dogs had to jump twice on the way there and back.  They were doing retrieves over 250 yards with very long grass needing good direction and patience from their owners.

Sadly, our next training session will be our last for the year.  This will also be at Fonthill, Bake Barn on Wednesday 18th July and I really do hope to see as many of you as we can for a fun last evening.  Hopefully the sun will shine but it won’t be too hot for the dogs. 

Please see a selection of the pictures below – more will appear on the gallery section of our Facebook page – where you will also be able to keep up to date with Society news and talk to other members of our community

Don’t forget Spaniel Training tomorrow night near Mere!

A reminder to ALL spaniel members – our last training session will take place TOMORROW night (Monday 2nd July) at FORD OAK FARM, LIMPERS HILL, MERE BA12 6BD starting at 6.45 pm. WWGS signs will be put up guiding you to the location.

Note – After this we will have one more session on Tuesday 17th (not Monday) which is likely to take place at Moorwood and will be an inter club challenge between Wiltshire Working Gundog Society and Dorset Working Spaniel Club.

As usual we will have 3 training groups, covering novice, intermediate and advanced abilities and the cost will be £7.00 per session. Incase you get lost please call Howard on 07968 882302.

Please be so kind as to SHARE with other Spaniel owners and note – information about our Retriever Training on the Wednesday night is available on the website.

With warm regards

Howard Feltham and Steve Langdon (Training Coordinators)