Gundog Training

Training classes are held throughout the summer, mainly for Retrievers and Spaniels, although any breed of gundog are welcome. Classes are split into separate groups covering puppy, novice and open standard dogs. Trainers are usually Society members with experience in all aspects of gundog training or are invited professional trainers.

In addition to the fortnightly evening training classes, the Society offers additional training opportunities depending on demand, such as day long training sessions - with water training and cold game usually proving very popular. The Society also arranges training days with professional trainers.

All gundogs are welcome at the training sessions, however we ask that owners ensure a basic standard of obedience before attending. Dogs must be able to sit and stay quietly and return when called. If you are unsure of your dog's ability then please contact the relevant Training Secretary.

The WWGS shop will be available at training classes, selling a range of training accessories dummies, whistles, slip leads and lanyards etc.