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Archive 2015

The Novice Cold Game Test for AV Spaniels 2015

It was a glorious sunny day, you probably couldn"t have had better for this year"s cold game test. 26 dogs had entered and 24 ran, with one or two that ran at the end of the test, just for fun and not for competition.

My thanks to all my helpers, Julie, Jill, Annette, Peter, John, Martin, D. Kim and Joanne Barnes

Most of all was the four smashing judges that gave up there day to judge the test, Geoff Rayner, Peter Moruzzi, Helen Cripps and last but not least, Martin Johnson.

The test was held in woodland with plenty of cover for the dogs to hunt under Geoff and Peter with a shot and a seen partridge. Then all the dogs had a retrieve across the pond under the watchful eye of Helen Cripps, the Wiltshire"s retriever field trial secretary

All the dogs, on another part to the test, were sent to collect a retrieve over a fence and bring it back to hand. Martin Johnson kindly agreed to judge this for me. I am glad that it was an enjoyable and successful Test as it was the last for me. After being the Wiltshire"s spaniel Test secretary for the last 15 years I have decided to step down from the roll.

I am proud that over the years this has been many peoples first gundog competition, so has given an opportunity to a number of our A and B panel spaniel Judges to start on the road to judging. But the time has come for some new faces on the wwgs committee

Tom Sheppard spaniel test secretary

1st Handler A Perret/
Owner D Templar
  Phortaigh of Countryways
2nd Handler A Perret/
Owner D Templar
  Whiznic Walts of Countryways
3rd H/O Julie Thatcher   Surefly Waceygirl of Swallowoakwest
4th h/o Mark Burr   Nettleridge Aquarius
  S. Gazey   Edgecrove Omari of Pendaran
  h/o Nigel Afford   Popplelight Basilica Kupis
  h/o V Kidner   Rambling Ivy
  h/o A Lawlor   Shells Lady
  h/o Nicola Johnson   Pittgrnhill Calia