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Spaniel Training

All sessions are on Monday's and will be held at Moorwood Farm Redlynch nr Bruton Somerset BA10 0NJ remember we are there as guests of the land owners, please park in designated areas only, please pick after your dogs and take it home.

Meet at 6.45 pm for a 7 pm start, except on the first night when we will meet at 6.30pm.
Cost is £5 per dog per evening
Directions to training venues are in the Newsletter
Please contact Training Co-ordinator with Joanne and Kim Barnes 01761 471046 or kj@mooncourt.co.uk for further info.

These are gundog training classes; please ensure that your dog is capable of general obedience before bringing them to these classes. All dogs should be of a standard where they will sit quietly and return when called

2015 Report

We would like to start by saying a massive thank you to Neil Varney, Paddy Williams and Sharon Lewis for giving up their valuable time to come along and train for us last year, also Mr & Mrs Drinkall for allowing us to us their grounds. We had 7 sessions last year all well attended and we were really please to welcome lots of new members keen to train for the working field and the test/trial worlds. We really do enjoy watching new handlers develop their handling skills and seeing the dogs improve. The training ended with an inter club fun test with the Dorset working spaniel club, which saw a very close run test and wiltshire were pipped at the post by just a couple of points. It was a good introduction to tests for the novice handlers and dogs. This led to the wwgs novice cold game test held at Nutty copice farm, many of the handlers entered and did very well, congratulations to everyone who won prizes, a very big congratulations to Nicky Johnson who won the highest placed person who had attended training also winning a com.

From Neil Varney

Before we talk about any training I must say a huge thank you, well we all should to Kim and Joanne for all their hard work not just on training nights but all the rest of the time they give to the Club. Thank you !!!!! Now looking forward to 2016 training it's going to be great to see some of the dogs after a season in the field and some new one's too! We may have to do a bit of tweaking ready for next season and of cousre prepare some, but that's what training is. Never look at issues/problems as a negative but as a positive to train to and overcome . We can't explain to the dogs what we require we have to show them and hopefully with help Paddy Williams we can address all the things that may happen to you and your dog in the test/ trial and shooting field! Last year everyone that came to training worked hard, listened did the homework set which is all you can ask for as a trainer.

So now the thanks goes to the trainee's!!!!

See you all in April !!!!

Neil Varney