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Spaniel Field Trials - Draws

Novicer Cocker Spaniel Trial - 16 dog stake.

Thursday 29th. December 2016 at The Horningsham Shoot

The draw took place at 7pm on Friday 9th December 2016 at Stanton Drew

  Owner Dog
1 D. Tullie Timsgarry Swallow
2 P. Smith Helguyer Hongera
3 A. Slade Jackolantern Malificent
4 N. Garrod Caleb Clear
5 A. Watkin Crag Top Bomber
6 C. Morgan Nantsnannan All For Love
7 G. Branton Beggarbush Shanky
8 M. Procter Wetlands Soot of Hawkvalley
9 K.Bayfield Blatchford Tickled Pink at Kevelek
10 D. Hubbard Autumnwillow Asteria
11 R. Preest Centrewalk Olive
12 J. Griffiths Tip Top Jack Moet
13 K. Drinkwater Woodash Dinky Drinky
14 A. Jones Episcopi Kiwi
15 R. Wilmott Chilly of the Mountaine
16 S. Gazey Poolgreen Bouquet of Pendaran
1 A. Douglas Briffoaks Topaz
2 J. Bearman Briffoaks Holly
3 P. Amor Wind Withe Double Decker
4 P. Williams Penwills Somerset Chilli
5 J. Lascelles Wind Withe Winter Night
6 T. Brown Nunney Dai
7 M. Chamberlain Tip Top Jack Atlas
8 D. Newman Timsgarry Francolin
9 G. & E. Marples Carbriell Saltergate Blue
10 R. Preest Centrewalk Topaz
11 D. Tullie Beggarbush Hazel
12 G. & E. Marples Carbriell Dorset Sprite

If for any reason you are unable to accept the run, (including reserves), please let me know ASAP on 01275 333252

Also, if I have any “spelling mistakes” with any of the above can you let me know before I print the running orders; again on 01275 333252 ---- Thank you