Retriever Working Test Results - Open

Open Retriever Working Test

On the 21st May, 2017

The WWGS held its Open Retriever test today, by kind permission of Mr Geoff Sheppard and Mr John Nicholls, at Witham Friary.

Thanks to the judges Heather Bradley and Basil Smith for their time and expertise, and all of the helpers who made the day happen. The sun shone and there was a friendly atmosphere so thank you to all who came today.

Results (with a run off for 1st place).

1st Lenyam Justintime Jane Manley
2nd Lubbecke Simone Gillian Yates
3rd Autumn Willow Tag Ken Green
4th Lubbecke Queen of Hearts of Abney Dave England
  Brocklebank Zinc Paul Dukes
  Tiledown Lottie Ken Spratling

Victoria Sheppard