Retriever Working Test Results - Novice

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Novice Retriever Test

The Novice Retriever Test was held on the 22nd May 2016 at Horningsham, by kind permission of landowners Peter and David Green, and keeper Sean Jeffries. The judges were Dave England, Nick Jordan and Mell Brooks, and the 22 dogs and handlers were put through 5 tests over a variety of ground including open field and woodland.

Test 1: A double mark with shot, a dummy was thrown up the bank in front and another mark along the field to the left. The mark in front was required first and the one to the left second, which proved challenging as the ground was undulating and the dummy fell onto the bank of a dew pond.

Test 2: A mark to shot and a blind, the mark was thrown out along a field and then the blind was required first.

Test 3: Hunt up exercise in woodland, 2 blinds required from rhododendrons in a pheasant pen, no shot.

Test 4: A 4 dog walk up along the bank from test 1, with a single mark to shot in front, up the hill.

Test 5: A tricky blind, though a gateway on the angle, the dummy was on a bank in front of some gorse and the temptation was for the dogs to follow the track and not stay on line.

1st Greenfox Ash LR dog Patricia Rogers
2nd Tiledown Lottie LR bitch Ken Spratling
3rd Northaw Dash LR dog Angela Witham
4th Millerise Leo at Lyanmoreshot LR dog Jennie Dimmock
  Huterssheim Black Bart FCR dog Robert Willatts
  Somerset Barney LR dog Roland Stacey
  Twistmount Purdey LR bitch Christine Walton
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