Retriever Field Trial - Draw Results

Novice Stake for AV Retrievers Stake 6 – 14 dog stake.

Tuesday 31st January 2017 at The Horningsham Shoot, Wiltshire

The draw took place at 6pm on Monday 9th January 2017 at Longbridge Deverill. The draw was independently undertaken by Miss Susan Lawrence in the presence of Martin Dennett (Field Trial Secretary) & Marilyn Dennett.

The result of the draw is as follows:
Draw Position Owner Dog
1 Angie Townsend Troddenmills Houghton Blue of Elmertown
2 Ken Green Autumn Willow Tag
3 Henriette Fletcher Henergy Queen of Hearts
4 Mr Alan Ging Broadlaw Josh of Mosslana
5 James Walsh Leadburn Vanessa
6 Sarah Miles Hawksrigg Balgaire of Meonvally
7 Diana Stevens Lowforge Jaya at Wylanbriar
8 Ken Spratling Hemingtons Noggin
9 Mr S North Northglen Crumble
10 Paula Graystone Troddenmills Blood Money
11 Mrs E S Barnes Carishill Regan
12 Paul Truby Trefoel Chargot of Millershook
13 Graham Roberts Wendearose Deacon of Riversway
14 Richard Edwards Endacott Todd for Lovehayne


1 David Miller Millerise Jacob
2 Keith Townsend Elmertown Applejakks Lady
3 Mrs L Higham Makinberry Alzxa of Rivermeon
4 Wendy & Steven Berry Berryshot Bernie
5 Beth Payne Movenne Kiara
6 Jacquie Crew Abbotshall Scotch
7 Mrs Annie Buckley Scovellsway Royal Salute
8 Mrs Allie Hogsbjerg Wessex Sultan of Rufriver
9 Janice Miller Millerise Jemima
10 Helen Burnie Abbotshall Hawkeye of Copperburn
11 Lianne Bird Helnorall Columbo of Birdsmill
12 Victoria Sheppard Swarthahill Plum
13 Isobel Whitford Bellaroyal Lady Persephone
14 Mr J Barnes Deerbridge Kingdom
15 Claire Salter Cynhinfa Napoleon
16 Rolans Stacey Somerset Barney
17 Mrs Jane Fairclough Stauntonvale Sangiovese at Jobeshill
18 Mrs Alex Brain Astraglen Italia
19 Mrs June Bearman Loisaba Rhearn
20 David Latham Neaze Brae Andy of Fendawood
21 Joy Venturi Rose Colhook Teak at Leospring
22 Julie Taylor Robenda Alnilam of Withyrose
23 Peter Smith Sunshine Flyer of Lilac
24 Ellena Nunneley Swiftlands Dora

If for any reason you are unable to accept the run, (including reserves), please let me know ASAP on 01985 840895

Also, if I have any “spelling mistakes” with any of the above can you let me know before I print the running orders, again 01985 840895.